Islamophobic racists knock C4SS, S4SS off the web for exposing them

The websites of left-wing market anarchist think tank Center for a Stateless Society and its international student organization, the Students for a Stateless Society, were taken offline on Monday following the filing of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act claim against the site by legal representatives for so-called “anarchist” Olivier Jenssons and other members of the S4SS student group at the University of Ghent, in Belgium.

This followed a post on ousting the UGhent group as racists and islamophobes and dissociating the parent organization from them.

According to Jenssens’ legal representation, the student fears for his safety as a result of his own words being made public and searchable on the broader Internet. In addition, the Facebook posts where Jenssens and company derides and threatens Lode Cossaer, President of the Murray Rothbard Institute in Belgium, makes derogatory comments towards Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent and celebrates the most extreme racist aspects of right-wing philosopher Hans-Hermann Hoppe are… his intellectual property.

Charles W Johnson, a Fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society, has a comprehensive post at his blog, Rad Geek People’s Daily. Redditor Rechelon has collected a pastebin of some of the materials.

Here’s part of the original article, posted at

S4SS’ UGent Not Anarchists (or Comrades)

September 11, 2013 by S4SS Admin
From the inception of Students for a Stateless Society we have strived to provide a space to learn about liberty and engage in projects to further its cause. We seek to provide a networked structure that will allow for maximum autonomy of our chapters while fostering maximum inter/intra-chapter participation, communication and coordination. Although we do not ‘own’ the S4SS ‘trademark’ we feel it is necessary to emphasize that we do decide for ourselves which individuals, groups and chapters we recognize as being part of our network.

For the last few months we have been observing a rapid change of subject and tone in the discussions held at the facebook group of the S4SS chapter in Belgium; Students for a Stateless Society UGent. The atmosphere present in that group is becoming increasingly hostile towards fellow liberty-advocates, liberty-oriented organizations, and –most clearly- those of the Islamic faith. In accordance with our organizational orientation which states:

“3. S4SS spaces are safe and valued spaces. We are dedicated to not only identifying agents of aggression, but dissolving institutions of oppression.”

We feel S4SS U-gent is not representing this orientation in their structure or discussions. In fact we feel they are actively promoting oppression of Muslim minorities, as evidenced by the following facebook-conversations:

Everaert: According to Lode Cossaer and his fellow Trotskyists it is “redundant to talk about the problems in the Arab world” and “we should focus ourselves on signs of hope.” I propose sending him on a one way trip to Syria. He can go and ignore the bullets and beheadings (they’re redundant anyway), and look for hope. Surely he won’t return. That kid won’t even survive reality.

Arnaert: Cossaer denies reality? Behold the most important attitude of the left!

Everaert: Reality is redundant, so not relevant and pointless. Bleri Lleshi = Lode Cossaer (ed. Bleri Lleshi is a leftist Belgian philosopher, documentary filmmaker and political scientist who focuses on things like identity, equality and neo-liberalism)

Janssens: It would be relevant enough if you know that the SPA/PS (Leftist political parties in Belgium) are growing in power because of the muslims, and that the Arab world is helping them accomplish this. Unless his hope is is ‘not being beheaded in 20 years because he is a Christian’.

Verdyck: He has no capital and his ambition to work for the government all his life.

Xavier Everaert, Brecht Arnaert, Olivier Janssens and Yannick Verdyck share very islamophobic viewpoints as visible from the above conversation. Let us be clear; We do not believe the Muslim world is helping leftist political parties gain power. Muslims are individuals with their own thoughts, their actions and political beliefs are not a result of their skin color or belief in a certain deity.

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